What We Do

We deliver a fast, reliable website experience that your customers expect,
and help you drive better customer satisfaction outcome with enhanced system.

Website Design

A new look to your website for easier usability and contact.

Cloud Optimization

Optimize your data, resources, and storage wastes.

One Book

Manage booking reservations, guest check-in/out, and billing by using our property management system.

Point of Sales Devices (POS)

Easier and faster software to track front-office capabilities that are integrated with PMS.

Network Infrastructure

Organize and coordinate the network to a unified set of structures.

Equipment Lease

Offer lease of equipment to be used for the business.


A surveillance system to strengthen the security of your business.

Backup Solution

A clean copy of your system that might be in need of unexpected accidents.


Our Service to
Bring You Better Business

At TechCube, you can find all the digital and technical services that you need for your business to operate easier but with simpler system management. We help businesses to organize, manage and perform their system by transforming it into one comprehensive hub. Our aim is to satisfy our clients to successfully operate their business with an advanced system.

  • Fast Response
  • Dedicated Service
  • Professional Outcome

We partner with:

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One Book

One book (Property Management System) is a software program that manages reservation, check-in & check-out, room occupancy, and etc. PMS faciliates the adminstrative tasks by all-in-one access to all operational features. This produces faster response and communication, which leads to higher customer satisfaction.

  • Integrated with Point-of-Sale System

    The integrated two systems allow pieces of information on a collective interface that enhances the functionability of management.

  • Automated Tasks

    PMS has a feature that puts your recurring tasks automatically for every room occupancy and capacity. This feature decreases the workload and increases the time efficiency for the owners.

About Us


We are dedicated to providing services that aid our clients with enhanced business software and system that increases mobility and usability. Following our K.I.S.S. principle, we want to turn complexity into simplicity. As technology advances and changes in a short amount of time, it deters business owners to adapt to the new change. We want our clients to solve this problem by providing the services you need here. From customer services to business management, we will handle the technical help that is needed.